The Edupreneurial Pivot can be engaged with resources at your fingertips

Dominique Bourqui, co-author of the Entrepreneurial Pivot, is a certified Business Coach who specialized in working with entrepreneurs.

Thanks to her unique approach to Entrepreneurial Mindset Coaching, she initiates and conducts the pivot in all kinds of school organisations.

Personal or edupreneurial clarifications are the first relevant steps.

An Entepreneurial Mindset Audit is as well a useful starting point for principals and teachers.

It is by becoming aware of one's own state of mind in the face of change and regarding actions to be undertaken that principals and teachers can embrace their roles by developing their Edupreneurial Mindset and making the Edupreneurial Pivot happen.


Serial Entrepreneur

Domnique was never on anyone's payroll

Certified Business Coach

Dominique is THE specialist of Entrepreneurial Mindset Coaching


Edupreneurial Pivot is Dominique's second book

Other publications

International Conferences

Dominique Bourqui and David Claivaz recently presented their work in international events:

  • Conference: Approaching the implementation of technology with tools from the world of startups, May 3rd, 2018, International Conference on Education CRIFPE, Montreal.
  • Conference and workshop: Why there should not be any second thought linked to an ethical dilemma to prevent education from using business-originated methods?, June 6th, 2018, International Conference, Globethics, Château de Bossey near Geneva.


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