School Innovation Canvas

A free tool for educators

Any form of innovation is more likely to succeed in the long term if it follows a process that includes the decisive steps identified and followed by the ecosystem of startups and therefore applied in the field of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship innovation methods cannot be applied directly to the school context.

Edupreneurial Pivot has developed a tool based on the innovative methods of entrepreneurship and adapted to the school context. This tool is the School Innovation Canvas.

The School Innovation Canvas offers to teachers a methodical approach to innovation that allows them to exploit the methods of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills in the context of education.

The School Innovation Canvas is accompanied by a user’s guide that allows teachers to systematically engage in an innovation process that can lead them to success in transforming school organizations that can be compared with those of the edupreneurial minds presented on Twenty-One, The Podcast 21st-century education and those who make it.

This tool and the accompanying user's guide are intended for any teacher who wants to achieve an innovative and lasting transformation in his/her teaching or the support of his students.

Measure your entrepreneurial mindset

Workshop for groups of teachers or principals

The Edupreneurial Mindset - the Entrepreneurial Mindset suited to the school reality - is the catalyst that makes possible the transformation of school organizations that is necessary for the 21st century.

The first step in any successful and sustainable innovation lies in the connection of education stakeholders with their own Edupreneurial Mindset.

Instead of a theoretical presentation, the workshop aims at an interactive experience of two hours which leads each participant to discover the profile of his own Edupreneurial Mindset and to take the measure of the influence of this profile in the conduct of its projects.

 The Edupreneurial Mindset measurement workshop is aimed at groups of teachers or school administrators who want to solve the concrete problems they encounter on a daily basis using the resources at their disposal.

Knowing how to recognize in oneself and in others, and how to develop, the different components of the Edupreneurial Mindset allow us to use all the innovation tools effectively and in particular the School Innovation Canvas.

School Transformation Canvas

A personalized tool and support for school administrators

The Educational Pivot is essentially a bottom-up process, that can be carried out virally. We want to promote this process through the dissemination of portraits of Edupreneurial Minds on Twenty-One.

Any school principal can accelerate the Pivot phenomenon within an institution by adopting an edupreneurial approach to drive change.

The School Transformation Canvas offers school administrators a methodical approach to participatory transformation that harnesses entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills in the context of education by engaging the educational community.

The use of the School Transformation Canvas requires specific training and short-term support to the management that combines coaching and consulting.

Consulting on system transformation

A service for educational groups and public administrations

The Educational Pivot is the most powerful lever for a successful transformation of school organizations because it is a crowdsourced process of participatory transformation.

The book Edupreneurial Pivot describes the transformation of organizations at the system level. Twenty-One, the Podcast, highlights the profiles and reveals the patterns that make the success of the edupreneurial minds who already operate the pivot.

The Edupreneurial Pivot consulting aims to allow organizations of the “group of schools” or “public administration” type to carry out their large-scale transformation by relying on the resources already in place and by implementing forms of relevant and sustainable innovation and the transformation of the existing system through a progressive and continuous innovation process.

 The Edupreneurial Pivot consulting is operated entirely by the authors of the book Edupreneurial Pivot in person.

Coaching for future entrepreneurs

From Educator to Edupreneur

The Entrepreneurial Mindset can lead certain actors in education to become Edupreneurs, entrepreneurs in education.

An innovative idea for education can be realized by the marketing of a new service or a new product by an entrepreneur active in the field of education.

The “Edupreneurial Pivot for edupreneurs” support helps future Edupreneurs to identify their Entrepreneurial Mindset, to understand the challenges of entrepreneurship that they will have to face while preparing the decisive steps that will lead them to the definition, validation, and launch of their activity, company or startup.

The "Edupreneurial Pivot for edupreneurs" support functions as a "one-to-one" accelerator which begins with a phase of personal and entrepreneurial clarification and continues with a phase of defining and launching your entrepreneurial activity.


Conferences - Workshops - Seminars - Events - Coaching - Conception

Dominique Bourqui and David Claivaz recently presented their work in international events:

  • Panel: Startup you career transition, 20th November 2019, INSEP, Paris
  • Workshop:Inventing a Doctoral School for Researchers with a Track Record in Business, November 15th, 2019, ACBSP Region 8 Conference, Prague.
  • Conception and Coaching:DBA Acceleration Week, October 7th – October 11th, 2019, Business School Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Workshop:Measure your Entrepreneurial Profile, August 22nd, 2019, Learning Fair – Upper Grand District School Board, Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  • Conference:Edupreneurial Pivot – A Presentation, BeBlio, June 19th, 2019, BeBlio Conferences, University of Applied Sciences, Sierre, Switzerland.
  • Conception and Coaching:DBA Acceleration Week, June 3rd – June 7th, 2019, Business School Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Conference:Edupreneurial Pivot – A Brand for Good at School, May 15th, 2019, Good Brand Summit, part of GoodFestival Sixth Edition, Lausanne.
  • Conference and workshop:Why there should not be any second thought linked to an ethical dilemma to prevent education from using business-originated methods?, June 6th, 2018, International Conference, Globethics, Château de Bossey near Geneva.