The Edupreneurial Pivot

Entrepreneurial Mindset for Schools!

A profound culture of change must replace the fixity of regulations, the planning and repetition routines.

A bottom-up approach led by teachers and school principals can transform school culture more surely than the top-down approach that is now far from being successful given the changes the world is facing.

The Edupreneurial Mindset is intended for all actors of education and reinforces their raison d'être, as well as their ability to act autonomously in the place where they are, with the aim of solving the problems that they meet.

Becoming edupreneurial means questionning the stagnation induced by the institutional cultures in place. in order to become the entrepreneur of the school action and continue to always challenge the status quo.

Actors of education can rightly feel entitled to find new combinations of the fundamental elements: students, programs, time, space, didactic resources and the possibilities of technology.

The actors of education have the opportunity, the right and the moral obligation to prefer approaches that create value for their students. The students' investment is in fact favored by an education that proves capable to meet their needs, to help them overcome their difficulties, perhaps to exceed their expectations.


BeBlio, University of Applied Sciences, Sierre, June 19th 2019


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