Conversation on the risk at school

Edupreneurial Pivot devotes an essential chapter to the blockages that the precautionary principle generates in the daily life of schools. By requiring teachers to prove that there is no risk, they are most often forced to give up their plans.

There is an entrepreneurial way of approaching risk, much more effective than the precautionary principle.

Damian Gsponer demonstrated this to us during a conversation held in Bratsch, in the dressing room that the children of the gd-Schule built in the playground they created.

Safety in Bratsch comes from understanding, measuring, and controlling real risks.

Children use real tools, with which it is possible to really work, but also, of course, to really hurt themselves.

Avoiding injury from tools should not, however, mean avoiding using the tools. The potential danger only becomes a danger if children misuse the tools. That’s why the emphasis in Bratsch is on learning, trust, responsibility.

When it comes to security, however, it is not the concepts that count. That’s why it’s so important to go to the field.

This is the purpose of this video capsule, shot with Damian Gsponer, director and founder of gd-Schule, and François-Xavier Berclaz, parent of two gd-Schule students.

A Conversation about Risks at School
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