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Moving to Generalized Distance Learning

An Innovative Method and a Free Tool

The Entrepreneurial Mindset adapted to schools as a proposal to all actors in the world of education to enable them to address the question of generalized distance education during the health crisis of Covid 19.

Edupreneurial Pivot provides a free tool as an aid to reflection and to taking the initiative and decision to solve the problems that will arise in the context of distance education.

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COVID 19 - The First VUCA Context for Education

Moving to Generalized Distance Education

The School, as an organization, seems unable to change

The School and its teaching have hardly changed in the past century. In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, which has forced many industries to reinvent themselves, the School has changed very little in over a century.

Education systems must nonetheless face numerous challenges at a global level: digitalization, the difficulty of continuing to capture the attention of students, the implementation of differentiation, the need to develop 21st-century skills in the teaching and the lack of means and time repeatedly invoked by the teaching staff to achieve these different objectives.

From chosen change to imposed change

Until today, all the necessary changes and evolutions in the education system could still have been chosen, thought through, planned, and organized by the School.

It is fair to say that the chosen changes would have come up against intense and persistent cultural and institutional limits. We have highlighted and detailed those limits in our book: Edupreneurial Pivot - Transformation of school organizations by the entrepreneurial mindset.

With Covid19, the School, which is so resistant to change, finds itself in a situation where from a change that could have been chosen, it finds itself drawn into an imposed change.

The capacity to solve a problem becomes key

Faced with the necessity of change, be it chosen or imposed, any organization and any system are confronted with their ability to identify and to solve the problems that arise.

In the case imposed change - all the more if the latter is unpredictable and unexpected as in the case of COVID19 - this ability to be able to identify and to solve a problem becomes key.

Learning from entrepreneurs – these experts in problem-solving

The starting point of any entrepreneurial activity focusses on solving a problem.

These problems to solve can be improvements to be made to a system, necessary transformations, or radical innovations. At the heart of entrepreneurial activity resides the ability to identify and solve problems for oneself or others.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset makes all the difference

Entrepreneurs all have in common to have a certain mindset, the entrepreneurial mindset that we have defined in our book Edupreneurial Pivot.

This mindset is not limited to entrepreneurship in a commercial sense. Entrepreneurship is only the most visible demonstration of it.

The entrepreneurial mindset can be found in entrepreneurs, but also in all people take initiatives, develop projects, and carry them out and thus solve problems. No matter if the context is professional or personal.

The Edupreneurial Mindset, is the entrepreneurial mindset adapted to the School

In our book Edupreneurial Pivot, we have defined and described an entrepreneurial mindset adapted to School - the edupreneurial mindset. Thanks to the Edupreneurial Mindset, the actors of education - teachers and school directors - can transform their organization.

The Edupreneurial Mindset is today our proposal to all actors in the world of education to enable them to address the question of the generalization of distance learning during the global Covid 19 health crisis.

We want to enable the actors of the School to address the biggest problem that arises, i.e., the immediate move to distance learning. We will provide them with a tool and a method to help them overcome the issues that will occur within the framework of this new type of education.



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