Edupreneurial Pivot - The Book

Transformation of school organisations through the development of an entrepreneurial mindset

Edupreneurial Pivot - the Book is an essay that describes difficulties, challenges and opportunities that materialise in schools today.

Edupreneurial Pivot intends to provide knowledge and a point of view to all those who want to think about education in the VUCA world and become actors of the educational system, whether they are school directors, teachers, pedagogues, researchers or legislators.

The discussion is based, as often as possible, on examples drawn from the real world, and reduces to a minimum abstract references to pedagogic theories which are not the subject of this essay.

Edupreneurial Pivot also provides important bases for all those interested in Entrepreneurial Mindset, thanks to an original definition of the latter.

Edupreneurial Pivot invites the reader to a three stages journey. At the first stage, the reader will shiver in front of the perspective of the Education Cliff perspective. At the second stage, the reader will understand the power of Entrepreneurial Mindset.  At the third stage, the reader will see how schools can operate an Edupreneurial Pivot to embrace the VUCA world.


Education Cliff

Three issues where the notion of Education Cliff makes a difference

Issue no 1

The school of the industrial era is no longer relevant in  the VUCA world

Edupreneurial Pivot - The Book does not simply state the opposition between the industrial traits of today’s schools and the demands of the VUCA world. We explore the industrial logic inherent to the school organisation and culture to show why it is still relevant, and why it becomes obsolete.

Issue no 2

Transformation at the core of teachers activity, underperforming schools

Edupreneurial Pivot - The Book shows why, as things stand now, the introduction of new pedagogies is not sufficient to ensure the success of schools in the VUCA world. According to us, the forms of the school organisations themselves must be transformed thanks to Entrepreneurial Mindset Coaching for principals and teachers.

Issue no 3

Schools are becoming obsolete

Some are tempted to just let things go, thinking that schools might simply disappear, but this is highly misleading. Schools cannot simply disappear because of their incapacity to adapt. Even when supported by technology, learning requires a framework that only schools can offer.

It is more relevant to see how the huge resources dedicated to schools, mainly through the budgets of the States, can be utilised to allow the adaptation of schools to the acceleration of change.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Four issues where the notion of Entrepreneurial Mindset makes a difference

Issue no  4 

The description of the Entrepreneurial Mindset based on success stories of entrepreneurs

Edupreneurial Pivot - The Book shows that Entrepreneurial Mindset is a combination of attributes which are widely spread among the population and that it exists apart from any economic considerations. The essay provides a detailed list of the Entrepreneurial Mindset attributes.

Issue no 5

Models and tools of Entrepreneurship vs Combination of  Entrepreneurial Proceedings and  Entrepreneurial Mindset

Edupreneurial Pivot - The Book differentiates Entrepreneurial Proceedings, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Entrepreneurial tools and methods. The latest aim at the realization of entrepreneurial projects, whereas we want to look at the development of the mindset that can flourish within schools. 

Issue no 6

Teaching entrepreneurship at schools

Teaching entrepreneurship is not sufficient. Schools do not simply need a new reform, they demand a more profound change. For not only students must pivot, the whole school system does too!

Issue no 7

21st century skills

Edupreneurial Pivot - The Book shows the correspondence between 21st century skills and Entrepreneurial Mindset. This convergence makes for a substantial simplification of the teaching of 21st century skills.  Entrepreneurial Mindset enables a compact approach to teaching and learning, whereas 21st century skills tend to multiply the number of skills to consider.

Edupreneurial Pivot

Two issues where the notion of Edupreneurial Pivot makes a difference

Issue no 8

Implementation of technology at school

The doxa describing the implementation of technology at school insists on a number of arguments that Frank Amadie and André Tricot describe as « myths ». We show how the hijacking of a business development tool coming from the world of startups sheds a different light on the question.

Issue no  9

Technology transfer from the business world (leadership)

Edupreneurial Pivot - The Book explains WHY in the VUCA world leadership is not sufficient anymore. In Michael Fullan’s vision, school authorities remain the only source of decision-making regarding the actions to be undertaken, and the principal’s main duty is to relay these actions to teachers.

The full acknowledgement of the VUCA world should give a much more important role to principals who cannot rely on contradictory injunctions and must feel entitled to a wider scope of action.