The Wake-Up Call

Meet the Edupreneurs who are going to disrupt Education

When I got the invitation, I said, "bingo! " Because the first thing in the book is what I see and what it calls for. It appeals to everything, curiosity, I love the name, "Edupreneurial" is extraordinary! And then everyone can interpret it in their own way. Second, when I saw the cover image, the first thing that occurred to me, "Its a wake-up, wake-up call for entrepreneurs." I think the die is cast, things are on the table when I see that in a bookstore, all I want to do is buy, come home and find out! Here, I congratulate you!

Michel Jordi

Smartest Learning

Artificial Intelligence helping Memorization

Smartest is based on a simple idea: turning test preparation into a fun and engaging activity.

Smartest Learning transforms school documents into interactive questionnaires to aid memorization.

Textbook texts, diagrams and vocabulary lists come alive thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Smartest Learning

Kaospilot + Berlin

Disrupting Entrepreneurship Education

Kaospilot + Berlin is a whole new way of learning to become an entrepreneur, inspired by the Danish "Kaospilot" course.

Kaospilot + Berlin offers an interactive online experience with peers, coaches and experts.

Kaospilot + Berlin is the partner of Start-Up Guide, a site dedicated to presenting the startup scene around the world.

Kaospilot+ Berlin


The Blog and Podcast of the Edupreneurial Pivot

How to teach Artificial Intelligence?

I got the answer to this question in Geneva on July 31, 2020 At the invitation of Laura, the Director of the impactIA Foundation, I am going to a camp […]

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School and Entrepreneurship gather to be “Forts ensemble”

From Lausanne, Marie Legrand shares her educational project with us by videoconference. First, as a teacher, and now as a self-employed, the common thread of her motivation has always been […]

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Entrepreneurial mindset, or the new Education’s ride or die, according to Andreas Schleicher, interviewed by Hundred.

A discussion between Saku and Schleicher for Hundred. The post-COVID-19 challenge: operating change through technology with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Through the example of China, Andreas Schleicher highlights the same […]

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Leading Libraries to Lead Education – Sara Furnival

We met Sara Furnival during the Upper Grand District School Board’s annual “Learning Fair”  in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, in August 2019. We agreed at that time to invite her for an […]

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When parents understand and support innovation at school – François-Xavier Berclaz

We met François-Xavier Berclaz in Bratsch, on the road to Leukerbad, in Haut-Valais, Switzerland. François-Xavier Berclaz is the father of two students from gd-Schule, a school that uses the project’s […]

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Conversation on the risk at school

Edupreneurial Pivot devotes an essential chapter to the blockages that the precautionary principle generates in the daily life of schools. By requiring teachers to prove that there is no risk, […]

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