The Authors

Intellectual Crossroads

Dr Dominique Bourqui

Founder and Owner of BFCC and of SWISSMADPROD
Serial Entrepreneur 10+ / Business Coach and Consultant / Speaker

As a serial entrepreneur, Dr Dominique Bourqui has always been on her own payroll. Her passion lies within building sustainable businesses for her clients, bootstrapping, pivoting and consolidating. As a Certified Business Coach and consultant, she has developed an entrepreneur-centric approach focusing on developing Entrepreneurial Mindset and acts as a one-to-one accelerator for her clients.

Dr Dominique Bourqui holds a Ph.D of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. She is an expert driver of change. She can help her customers finding their own entrepreneurial spirit, gaining clarity and becoming a doer to shape their own future. She focusses on the talents everybody needs in a world based on uncertainty and constant change. Among those talents can be counted: innovation, adaptation, taking measured risks, seeing and seizing opportunities, self-confidence, determination and relationship building. Dominique Bourqui’s original entrepreneurial mindset coaching aims at those who want to drive their professional career or personal life; are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs and want to validate this career path; are entrepreneurs starting a new business; or are already entrepreneurs.

Publications :

  • Wie können Unternehmer das Engagement Ihrer Teams in einem multikulturellen Arbeitsumfeld optimal fördern?,Rheingauer Wirtschaftsforum 2015 / Wirtschaft gestaltet Gesellschaft, Hrsg. Dagmar Döring, Allemagne Décembre 2015, p. 42-53
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Dr David Claivaz

CEO Lemania Swiss Group of Schools
Edupreneurial Principal 15+ / Innovation Leader in Education / Digital Scholar

Dr David Claivaz is CEO of Lemania Swiss Group of School (LSGS) as well as Acting Dean of Business School Lausanne (BSL) and holds a Ph.D from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

He has taught and managed at every level of multiple educational systems (primary, secondary and tertiary), both in French and English-speaking curricula. He has launched two international schools in the Lausanne area in Switzerland and has created various innovative education programs. He brings special focus on the integration of Information Technology in teaching and learning strategies.

His scope of research includes questions such as artistic creativity, interculturality, translation and linguistics.

Publications :

  • « Ovide veut parler » - Les négociations de Clément Marot traducteur, Droz, Genève, 2016
  • Somme littéraire à main levée, Premier manuel scolaire suisse disponible sur le iTunes Store, 2012
  • Marot enchaîné,Studia Neophilologica 77, Routledge, 2005.
  • « Ce que j’ay oublié d’y mettre », Éditions Universitaires (collection SEGES), Fribourg 2000