Edupreneurial Mindset and Spirits

Schools should pivots as an organization

To put it simply, the Edupreneurial Mindset is the Entrepreneurial Mindset applied in the context of schools.

To avoid the Education Cliff, schools must replace their ways of thinking with which they have build barriers hindering their own transformation, by the ways of thinking and acting that are most likely to help operating in the world VUCA.

Schools must use the resources of the Edupreneurial Mindset to pivot, that's where the name "Edupreneurial Pivot" comes from.

The Edupreneurial Mindset must enable schools to cope with change and to adapt by making use of the existing resources or by finding available resources, be they technical, financial, organizational, human, personal or social.

It is possible to create a favorable and necessary context for the emergence and development of the Edupreneurial Mindset.

The Pivot is Crowdsourced

How can we be Edupreneurial?

Can we postulate that all the actors of education will be able to develop their Edupreneurial Mindset?

What can be observed with certainty today is that the actors of education evolve in a context inhibiting the expression of Entrepreneurial Mindset instead of favoring it.

Three clues may suggest that the Edupreneurial Mindset is dormant in many schools.

Clue Number 1: It is possible to identify in history, going back as far as the myth of Babel, an early awareness of the Entrepreneurial Proceedings that precede by far the teaching of entrepreneurship.

Clue Number 2: It is common for large and new educational achievements to appear in extreme contexts.

Clue Number 3: Highly influential ideas in the school system, such as those of Ken Robinson or Carol Dweck, actually describe the central attributes of the Edupreneurial Mindset.


Edupreneurial Minds

The Edupreneurial Pivot is running

There are many school directors or teachers who are already working with an Entrepreneurial Mindset or rather with an Edupreneurial Mindset.

All have in common t0 feel entitled to look for solutions and to be able to seize the opportunities available to them or to create opportunities when they are not present in their immediate environment.

All have in common that they have been able to transform their visions or ideas into reality with the resources at their disposal.

All of them have in common to have pivoted in the face of the difficulties they have encountered and to have learned from these difficulties.

BloggED takes you to meet these entrepreneurial spirits who can prevent the phenomenon of the Education Cliff: the Edupreneurial Principals and the Edupreneurial Teachers.