Damian Gsponer explains the pedagogy of gd-Schule

The playground project, which is part of the idea behind our school: developing a mountain village together with the students.

There was a playground here. It was ancient. Most of it was in poor condition.

Students are the source of the idea. They decided to use the budget they got, among other things, for this swing, but they built and produced a lot themselves. The swing has been bought, other things have been brought, there are very different sources.

Our whole school is built in the form of projects. We can imagine it as a University. There are different projects that children can sign up for.

Those who were interested in the playground were able to register for this project and work on it. Besides this project, there is the chicken coop project, the communal garden project with the village, the village store project. There are many different projects.

We mainly work school subjects based on reality, from projects.

Damian Gsponer presents the concept of the gd-Schule Bratsch
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