The Wake-Up Call

Meet the Edupreneurs who are going to disrupt Education

When I got the invitation, I said, "bingo! " Because the first thing in the book is what I see and what it calls for. It appeals to everything, curiosity, I love the name, "Edupreneurial" is extraordinary! And then everyone can interpret it in their own way. Second, when I saw the cover image, the first thing that occurred to me, "Its a wake-up, wake-up call for entrepreneurs." I think the die is cast, things are on the table when I see that in a bookstore, all I want to do is buy, come home and find out! Here, I congratulate you!

Michel Jordi

Smartest Learning

Artificial Intelligence helping Memorization

Smartest is based on a simple idea: turning test preparation into a fun and engaging activity.

Smartest Learning transforms school documents into interactive questionnaires to aid memorization.

Textbook texts, diagrams and vocabulary lists come alive thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Smartest Learning

Kaospilot + Berlin

Disrupting Entrepreneurship Education

Kaospilot + Berlin is a whole new way of learning to become an entrepreneur, inspired by the Danish "Kaospilot" course.

Kaospilot + Berlin offers an interactive online experience with peers, coaches and experts.

Kaospilot + Berlin is the partner of Start-Up Guide, a site dedicated to presenting the startup scene around the world.

Kaospilot+ Berlin


The Blog and Podcast of the Edupreneurial Pivot

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The playground project, which is part of the idea behind our school: developing a mountain village together with the students. There was a playground here. It was ancient. Most of […]

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I take care of 48 children, 6 teachers and a … village! – Damian Gsponer

We met Damian Gsponer in Bratsch, on the road to Leukerbad, in Haut-Valais, Switzerland. Damian Gsponer is the founder and director of gd-Schule, a school that uses the pedagogy of […]

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Team Academy, the hands-on Bachelor that disrupts education with Antoine Perruchoud

We met Antoine Perruchoud in the “House of Entrepreneurship” in Sierre, Switzerland. Here was born the Swiss version of Team Academy, a totally innovative Bachelor curriculum, offered as part of […]

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Guiding Principles for Principals with Paul Richard

Who is Paul?  We interviewed Paul Richard during the Learning Fair of the Upper Grand District School Board at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, in August 2019.  We had met Paul for the first time […]

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