TestWe Solves the Entire Assessment Equation for Distance Education

Starting a distance education project without having a solution for the assessment is a bit like taking off a plane without knowing where it will land.

The solutions to be defined for the assessment vary depending on the type of distance education.

In some cases, a solution can be found without the need for complex technology.

Many topics or skills can be assessed based on oral exams or research. This type of assessment does not require advanced technology. A phone call is sufficient for the first scenario, an email, for the second.

But some situations require the students to be placed in a table-top examination situation: strictly individual work without the assistance of any kind, strict control of reference documents, limitation of the test time.

Usually, these conditions are met by bringing the students together in a closed room, under supervisors’ supervision, based on tests kept secret until exam time.

TestWe has been offering a solution for several years to deploy exams on students’ personal computers gathered in the exam room. 

As of April 6, 2020, TestWe will allow schools to deploy ProctorWe, to enable students confined to their homes to take exams in an exam situation.

Nothing was left to chance. ProctorWe allows in particular: 

  • To verify the identity of the student taking the exam at the start and throughout the exam
  • Monitor student behavior on video throughout the test, in particular by identifying absences
  • Lock the computer on the exam environment: no internet connection or search on the computer’s hard drive 
  • Organize the test in such a way as to prevent unwanted collaboration between candidates by o Defining a time window for taking the test 
  • Limiting the time to answer questions 
  • Showing the items in random order 

ProctorWe also includes an exam administration tool that allows their distribution to students and their correction by teachers. Advanced skills measurement functions can also be activated to help track student progress from one test to the next.  

ProctorWe is a tool that perfectly meets the needs of schools that have made the switch to distance education for certification assessment. 

It is also an opportunity to set up a new way of organizing exams within institutions by simplifying using the computer to take tests while more easily fighting against fraud.

Like many devices deployed as part of the move to distance education, ProctorWe is likely to support institutions over the long term in distance mode, as much as in examination room mode. 

TestWe is a startup incubated at the Swiss EdTech Collider at EPFL. Schools that choose TestWe will enjoy the advantage of working with a team of entrepreneurs: speed of execution, adaptation to needs, use of the latest technologies. 

You can find TestWe on the internet: https://testwe.eu/fr/. 

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