Where to look to find the origin of the teachers misconfort ?

In Créteil, France, in October 2018, a student threatened his teacher with a dummy weapon.

The act is obviously unacceptable and must be denounced as such.

Reactions are very revealing. Very quickly, indeed, the commentators have linked the subject and to the teachers miscomfort.

We believe that the teachers miscomfort is not so much the innumerable incidents comparable to the incident in Créteil, but a deeper mismatch between the work that teachers are asked to do and the real necessities of their job.

Teaching continues to be the only real point addressed in the teachers’ job descriptions. What is expected of a teacher is to teach, that’s all.

The truth is that the teachers’ job descriptions must be broadened considerably. The tasks of a teacher today include:

  • Contact with parents
  • Contact and collaboration with other teachers
  • Contact and collaboration with other people supervising students: psychologists, social workers, employers, etc.
  • The contact and the collaboration with the other actors of education: agents of interviews, technician of maintenance,
  • Taking control of new technologies
  • Maintenance of technological tools
  • Personal development and continuing education
  • Communication support

It is high time to admit this, and to understand that this profound transformation must urgently be taken into account to allow teachers to be more harmonious in their activities.

The Edupreneurial Mindset gives teachers the means to consider and implement solutions that integrate these activities in a harmonious and constructive way around their teaching. Deliberately exercising these activities as constituent elements of the teaching profession, and not as minor obligations, will in turn greatly enhance the work of teachers. A new entrepreneurial action will emerge from the way these activities are combined and the problems that can be solved by these combinations.

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