Why is Entrepreneurial Mindset different from Entrepreneurship ?

The tremendous success of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, has popularized the idea of ​​a form of success based on a mix of creativity, risk-taking and determination.

To understand this success, it is primarily the form of the companies that has been considered. The concept of start-up has proven to be the form to be considered. Entrepreneurship has been identified primarily with the ability to create a start-up.

Gradually, however, attention shifted from the form of the start-up to the figure of the entrepreneur. It is then the notion of Entrepreneurial Mindset that appeared.

While Entrepreneurship is essentially business-related, Entrepreneurial Mindset applies to many human activities.

The difference is particularly important for areas that are not for-profit.

In the field of education, the difference explains why there must be no ulterior motive to disseminate Entrepreneurial Mindset to all actors, directors or teachers.

It is not a question of subjecting educational systems to greed, but of conveying the mindset from which principals and teachers can look for solutions to the problems they encounter or imagine useful innovations. Above all, it is a question of getting them to consider first and foremost the resources at their disposal to carry out their projects.

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