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Transforming School Organisations with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset for Schools!

In a world where change is accelerating, schools must adapt and even transform.
Without such as transformation, schools will be unable to teach, and the entire education system will be drawn into the Education Cliff.
Only the Entrepreneurial Mindset is able to guide any kind of organisation in a VUCA world.
The transformation of schools must be based on a specific and adapted Entrepreneurial Mindset : the Edupreneurial Mindset.
The name given to this transformation of schools in a VUCA world is the Edupreneurial Pivot.

Paul Richard is on Twenty-One

Twenty-One, The Podcast On 21st Century Education And Those Who Make IT

Our project aims at the recognition of the community of Edupreneurial principals and teachers, i.e. of the actors of education who manage to transform the daily routines of their schools by their innovations, their creations, their solutions despite the different barriers that make such a process challenging.

We call these precursors and announcers of the education of the future "Edupreneurial", in order to underline their ability to rely on a particular mindset, the Entrepreneurial mindset, which has received a new and original definition in our book, the “Edupreneurial Mindset”.

The adjective “Edupreneurial” is used to qualify the ability of certain principals or teachers whose achievements are original, inspiring, innovative, unexpected, and at the same time useful, beneficial and often decisive, to act without extraordinary resources or outside a privileged contexte.

Twenty-One is the place where we celebrate the successes of these Edupreneurial Minds who transform their organizations.


Guiding Principles for Principals

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An Exclusive Webinar to understand the Pivot

BeBlio, University of Applied Sciences, Sierre, June 19th 2019

Twenty-One, The Podcast

Portraits of Edupreneurial Principals and Teachers

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