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Education disruption is real, but hardly visible because it is fragmented. It all comes down to individual initiatives by teachers or groups of teachers, leaders, parents, or even students. Numerous innovations already solve problems in new, sustainable, and exciting ways.

We are here to find and help those who want to know where to start to innovate and become the actors of their teaching and leadership. We share the stories of those who make it happen on Twenty-One. We develop tools for educators and leaders.


David Claivaz at the LIAC 2021 Conference


LIAC is the London School of Digital Business's Conference and Awards.

LIAC was on from October 19th to October 21st 2021.

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The Podcast On 21st Century Education And Those Who Make it


Our project aims at the recognition of the community of Edupreneurial principals and teachers, i.e. of the actors of education who manage to transform the daily routines of their schools by their innovations, their creations, their solutions despite the different barriers that make such a process challenging.

We call these precursors and announcers of the education of the future "Edupreneurial", in order to underline their ability to rely on a particular mindset, the Entrepreneurial mindset, which has received a new and original definition in our book, the “Edupreneurial Mindset”.

The adjective “Edupreneurial” is used to qualify the ability of certain principals or teachers whose achievements are original, inspiring, innovative, unexpected, and at the same time useful, beneficial and often decisive, to act without extraordinary resources or outside a privileged contexte.

Twenty-One is the place where we celebrate the successes of these Edupreneurial Minds who transform their organizations.


Paul Richard is on Twenty-One

The Norwell Interview

Guiding Principles for Principals

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Portraits of Edupreneurial Principals and Teachers

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EdPIvot joins the HundrED Initiative

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